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Does Wearing Two Fitness Wearables Make one Double Healthy?

A few years ago I was obsessed with capturing all of my health data. I would make sure my Apple Watch was worn from the moment I woke to the last few steps before I crawled into bed. This only got worse as I wanted to close all my rings because I thought that if I closed my rings I was being healthy. At one point I even doubled my efforts and wore the Whoop Band and Apple Watch simultaneously and then compared the two devices (that was fun and allowed me to embrace my nerdy techy self). I wore them for the sake of data and was not at all surprised that if I drank two glasses of champagne that my sleep performance was poor. I was in tune with every bad sleep, poor recovery, and on the flip side found out that my job had me walking 5 miles per day. For me, all of this data didn't make me change behaviors or modify what I was doing but instead made me feel bad for lacking in my performance areas. Looking back, I am not certain that all of the information and input changed my behaviors in either direction. However, I do know that it did take up precious bandwidth from my already maxed out days. Last April I ditched the devices and started focusing on one aspect of my self-care- sleep. I put forth a routine of getting into bed an hour before wanting to be asleep and winding down by reading for at least 20-40 minutes of a book and drinking a cup of Yogi tea. My quality of sleep dramatically improved and I woke up more recovered which was a nice sensation. Modifications and changes can be challenging especially with all the demands we place on ourselves and the structures we have in place in life. Sleep is important to me and I hope when you think about your own recovery you find ways to make sleep a restorative process. My pathway towards better sleep was developing a routine and allowing enough time to wind down before heading into sleep. Let me know if you have questions regarding routines or even need sleep tips. I'm here for you.

P.S. I am wearing my Apple Watch now as I like to know the time and hate having to rely on my cellphone.

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*side note I think both the Apple Watch and Whoop Band are helpful devices for monitoring health data.

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