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How Long Do I Need to Perform My Rehabilitation Exercises?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The answer to this question is, it depends. Most often the goal for rehabilitation exercises is to be utilized as a springboard to get you back into normal activities or as a progression to more challenging exercises to build strength. However, if other lifestyle changes cannot be altered eg. working in an office and having to put excess strain on the body by staying in one posture, then rehabilitation exercises may always be needed.

Our bodies are meant to move and sometimes the smallest titrations of movement can make monumental changes in our body. In fact, those same rehabilitation exercises might be the linchpin to keeping your body moving optimally and away from too much strain. Progressions with any rehabilitation should be offered, and there are hundreds of options for different movements that can accomplish the same goals.

Work with your provider and create an open dialogue about what works and what doesn't. Most practitioners want patient's to perform the rehabilitation exercises as it is an important process in healing and lifelong movement. Below you will find my favorite stretch for the week!

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